Super Bot Fight Mode - Whatsapp - Fighting Bots through Firewall

Whatsapp User Agent is getting blocked by Super Both Fight Mode.

It seems it’s not possible to add a rule in Firewall rules to allow this UserAgent.
Wondering, if I could mimic the SBFM by using Firewall Rules.

E.g. if using the cf.bot_management.verified_bot I would be able to block bots in a similar way with SBFM - while I would be able to add my exceptions.


Thank you for asking.

I am not aware what does WhatsApp bot doing? :thinking:
I haven’t experienced this yet.

Maybe happens when someone shares your link on WhatsApp so it’s trying to generate a so called “preview link with the image”?

Have you checked it’s IP? Was it the real one or fake? :thinking:

That’s an Enterprise feature as far as I know.

So you are using a paid plan (Pro?).
May I ask have you tried configuring it and set to “Allow”? :thinking:

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