Super Bot Fight Mode Prevents Android Email Clients From Accessing Mail Server

When setting “Definitely automated” to block in Super Bot Fight Mode on our Pro plan, Android mail clients (outlook, gmail) are prevented from accessing our on-prem mail server. Obviously, the solution is to disable this, however, is there any other way to allow our mail clients to access the server?

What type of mail connection is this? Webmail? Or are you using Spectrum on an Enterprise plan?

We can access it via browser (OWA) to the mail server, however, either mail client accessing it failed. It’s an MS Exchange server. Disabling the block immediately resulted in mail clients being able to retrieve / send mail via mail client.

Super Bot Fight Mode has blocked too many of my legitimate connections, so I don’t use it. And for now, there’s no way to create an allow list to get around SBFM.

I kind of wish that paid plans had the same regular Bot Fight Mode as the free plan.


Ok. Thanks for confirming that I can’t modify it. I was hoping that it was just a setting I was missing.

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