Super Bot Fight Mode Is Blocking New Relic Again

As of about 45 minutes ago, your super bot fight mode started blocking New Relic ping again (this happened once before as well). Please fix this.

Can you provide logs of the blocks?

Here is a screenshot of what happens when I switch Super Bot Fight Mode on and then off:

Please note that New Relic is supposed to be among your verified bots, and usually is, as it normally works fine. But this happened once before - see my previous ticket:

Having the same issue with (regular) Bot Fight Mode. Here’s what New Relic Synthetics is reporting:

For what it’s worth, looks like IP ranges for the New Relic Synthetics agents have changed, so perhaps those ranges just need to be updated by Cloudflare?

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Doesnt the developers behind the bot need to request an update?

I am not sure if normal users can fill it out for an orevious verified bot, i maybe wring all together.


Why isn’t this issue being attended to? It was fixed pretty quickly last time, but it seems to be being completely ignored this time.

We also experience this issue. NewRelic’s monitoring is important for us but we had to disable it due to the Bot Fight Mode. Please fix it or give an ETA if possible.

This appears to still be an issue. Could we get an update?

I just escalated the case; we should get a reply shortly. Has new relic given any response or tried to get in touch with CF?


I’m not aware of either. I’ve held off on opening a ticket with New Relic since their scale seems to be enough to be whitelisted by Cloudflare? Maybe that’s a naive assumption.

The most recent 503 question on their forum is from May with a response to whitelist New Relic IPs. discuss[.]newrelic[.]com/t/new-relic-synthetics-showing-503-error/185292

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