Super Bot Fight Mode > Definitely automated blocking optinmonster?

It appears that setting the “Definitely automated” in super bot fight mode has blocked OptinMonster from accessing my server. Optinmonter allows me to create popovers to request an email address newsletter signup - which are sent via a real-time feed to a listener on my server. I tightened things up on CF security a few weeks back and just noticed that I was not getting new signups. After playing with all the CF settings I found it was the “Definitely automated” that was blocking that call to my server. Once I Allowed it, all was well.

Seems odd as I wouldn’t consider that a bot but maybe its correct. Let me know if you’d like me to show to you how to test it on my server.


Is a human behind the screen?
Yes: Not a bot
No: That’s a bot.

super bot fight mode is very aggressive, it will block anything that’s on its way .

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Yes, a human enters their email address in the popover, presses OK then it sends real-time it to our server.

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