Super Bot Fight Mode Critical issue with paiement webstore

Hi everyone,

Since Super Bot Fight Mode enabled (block mode), we got return result of paiement page on a webstore blocked and the orders cannot be finalized.
That is very problematic…

So, as usual, we created an exception under WAF => Managed rules with the URI path : /modules/atos/validation.php


Has no effet. The URL still blocked by Super Bot Fight.
After some research, we made a Firewall bypass.
We can see then the firewall rule is matched, but this page is still blocked…
We verified many times that the rules are correct.

Any idea ?

This security mode is very usefull and efficient (we can see many daily attack stoped).
It would be a shame not to use it for a single url :confused:


You can’t use the WAF to bypass Super Bot Fight Mode since it runs before the WAF.

The only way you can bypass SBFM is with IP Access Rules by whitelisting the originating IP address.

Thank for fast reply.

OK I understand.
Well, a simple firewall rule with IP source allowed should make the job ?


Nope, it has to be done in IP Access Rules - Firewall Rules run after SBFM.

It’ll be under ‘Tools’ in the Security tab of the dashboard -

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God thanks !
It works (almost) perfectly ! :slight_smile:
Just to fix redirection page after paiement issue (actually customers are disconneted from their account).

Thanks a lot (great Cloudflare Community)

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