Super Bot Fight mode blocking too much legitimate traffic

I have activated Bot Fight mode on some of my websites and was impressed by it so decided to give the Super Bot Fight mode a trial. After letting it run for a couple of hours I noticed that it was blocking wp-cron.php on my WordPress site and even an IP address from Cloudflare. After examining the logs further I decided to turn it off because it is classifying everything as a bad bot. What I would like to ask is if is possible to have the Bot Fight mode on Free plans available on the PRO plan as the free plan version seems to do a better job?

Good point. @Brian_M might know if this is workable or not.

Simple, try turning it off

I am facing the same issues. The super bot fight mode makes mailpoet plugin unusable because Cloudflare blocks the task scheduler.

Best method I have for attacks is safelisting your server users slowly and learning IPs step by step and removing at any time to re-learn their intentions. So rating system if you will, this can quickly make a wrap and any opposing IP can make the block-list.

This ensures returning users no issues but it may affect newly registering users but you get best affects if you can warn on such cases. They’ll refresh slowly and bots will be too dumb and abuse further… So you can slow that behavior fast at any layer.

Don’t try to stop the bots, learn the connections and spank when needed, it’s easy to hold onto millions of IPs and cipher them. :wink:

I deal with RTC clients and have thousands soon going to be spanking my networks but have assisted in larger dealings and there’s absolutely no way CF can do it all, you need to exert your juice a bit here and tell firewalls to shut-down.

@bondimedical3 The Free version uses the same functionality w/ a conservative configuration. So “better” would only be from a false positive perspective, you are trading this for less detection/mitigation from the Super Bot Fight Mode.

We plan to consistently improve this over time. Please do keep letting us know how things are working for you.

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