Super Bot Fight mode blocked known user agents

I am a publisher and I activated Super bot fight mode with the Business plan.
There are many blocked/challenged request user agents of ad networks and tools, that might reduce my ads revenue if blocked for example:

  1. IAS Crawler, admantx, moatbot, proximic, thetradedesk are evaluation tools that affect website quality score and ad requests.
  2. AmazonAdBot, GumGum-Bot, CriteoBot are ad networks that might not publish ads if blocked.
  3. Pagespeed, Uptime
    My questions:
  4. Can a legitimate user agent be faked by bad bots? If true how to determine if the request is good or bad?
  5. How can I know if the blocked request is a bad bot that should be blocked or good bot that was not whitelisted?
  6. If I need, for example, to allow an ad network request, should I use firewall rule or ip access rule, and what parameters are required to truly identify the ad network requests?


The vendor has instructions to verify the legitimacy of a bot.

You can’t.

IP Access rule, you can only bypass SBFM by using IP Access rules. Firewall rules and others won’t work.


Thanks, How can I know the specific IP addresses to block? Using ASN or CIDR 16 is very very width window, and IP picking from the logs is limited and need a lot of tests.

Honestly? It’s not viable; IP picking is exhausting and volatile, vendors can change IPs, and in many scenarios, they share IP ranges with clouds or hostings that anybody can use to fake bots.
The best scenario is using the enterprise package; that way, you can have it tweaked to your needs. However, that’s not affordable to most businesses.

My suggestion is to set the SBFM to allow all requests; you will save yourself a lot of headaches that show due to the lack of flexibility the current bot fight has.

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Do you know any affordable alternatives to CF bot detection?

Affordable and bot protection don’t go well in the same sentence, unfortunately. I can think of some “cheaper” alternatives, but they still cost over a thousand per month and aren’t as effective.

If you are going to look for alternatives, I suggest looking at this post I made a few days ago:

This part should help you understand my hesitation with cheap solutions; bot detection is by nature expensive computing and researching wise.


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