Super bot Fight mode and heath checks

If I configure Super bot Fight mode to block or challenge “Definitely automated” or “Verified bots” the CloudFlare heath check stops working for my Argo tunnel site. Doing a basic GET with expected 2xx/3xx codes. Is there away to exclude the Health check from the bot blocking? How do I refer to it in a firewall rule? Can I leverage the Health Check ID somehow?

See this thread: Questions About Cloudflare Super Bot Fight Mode - #37 by brentwilson

Basically, unless you want to pay thousands per month, your only option is to disable it or wait for them to figure out whether or not they want to fix it so it is usable for anyone not on Enterprise.


Hmm. Would think there would be a way for CloudFlare to not block itself. Running at Pro level. So it become either disable CloudFlare health checks or disable the Superbot capability? (or spend big $)

Thx for the reply.


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