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I found myself setting up a cloudflare account because I’m trying to setup a roku channel for some proof of concept stuff.
I’m not trying to run a website off it.
So i thought I’d simply create a “CDN” and then I’d be able to point roku to the assets with some sort of cloudflare URL.
So at the moment - I’m pretty lost. Seem that I have to set up a web site and get hosting somewhere even though I don’t need it.

+1, yes, Cloudflare does not host.

ok so to make sure Understand this correctly.
Cloudflare doesn’t operate like AWS S3 buckets or Cloudfront to serve up assets.

It scoops the request for an asset from your website andthen goes into their internal network and server it up.
There is no outwards facing URL for anything that lives in Cloudflare so i cant just use it as a pure CDN.

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Right, we cache static assets from the site, if we can’t find an asset in cache we pull it from the origin.

ok Cool. Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your time on these answers.

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