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Is anybody here is using Suitedash for their emails? I have a subdomain called and I have to configure the CNAME of the return path for this subdomain. I’ve added the CNAME record, however, it seems that it doesn’t recognized the CNAME that I entered for the return path.

Can someone help me fix this issue?

Thank you!

You most likely have to unproxy that record. :orange: -> :grey:

Hi Sandro!

Thank you for your quick response. How can I unproxy it? Do I have to unproxy the subdomain itself? The return path already has a grey cloud.

As indicated by the icons you need to switch the status. Please use the search as well as this topic comes up regularly.


I believe that the subdomain is already unproxied. Please see the attached screenshot.

It is. If you still have issues now you’d need to contact your service provider. From a DNS point of view it should be correct.


Did you mean my hosting service provider or the support of Suitedash?

Thank you

Presumably the latter, your hosting provider should not have anything to do with that.

Hi there!

How do you configure Email Return Path in Cloudflare?

I already entered the correct value for it and it’s the following:

Name: sd-bounces

I also checked it here: and it’s returning the correct value also. The record is in grey-cloud too (so it’s unproxied). However, it’s still not verified.

Can someone please let me know what might be causing the issue? I already told the Suitedash support about this but they told us to contact someone from Cloudflare.

Thank you!

Ehm, we had this just yesterday.

Cloudflare generally does not handle email, hence I am afraid that really is a question for your mail provider. DNS is in place and seems to be correct. Cloudflare can’t do anything here.

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