Suggestions needed for optimal settings of origin cache control

Hello guys,

Here’s my url

The current cache control settings at my origin are as follows:

cache-control: max-age=600, private, must-revalidate

Since I don’t have any user interface on my website, CF support suggested to configure those like this:

cache-control: max-age=86400, public, must-revalidate

Do you think that’s OK and would it speed up my website? Any other suggestions?
Also, how can I modify those?

Thank you!

Hey all,

I really need some advice here.

Thank you!


This is likely safe. If the site is completely static. If it updates periodically and you care about how quickly those updates are visible to the world, different max-age settings might fit better.

I add new article every week. I don’t have any user interface and dynamic content.
So what should I do?
How are those rules modified in the first place?

You can use a Cloudflare page rule, or configure the header from your server. When you add an article you could clear the cache manually, see if your platform can do it automatically, or set the timeout short enough that you can just wait it out.

Thank you.
Could you please explain in more detail how could I do either?

I read about the page rules but I’m not sure what to configure exactly.

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