Suggestion: WARP client package for OpenSUSE Leap

Just following the tip from the blog post:
“If we missed your favorite distribution, we’d love to hear from you in our Community Forums”
and suggesting building RPM package for OpenSUSE Leap.

Update: actually CentOS 8 rpm file worked well in Leap, the only issue was missing “dbus” dependency when installing (it’s named “dbus-1” in Leap).

Hey, I’d like to know a detailed guide on how to fix it, I already installed dbus-1 and it still asking for dbus

Hello, I just forced installation without “dbus-1”, both zypper and YaST allow to do that when something is missing (choose “break… by ignoring some of its dependencies” during installation). The client seemed fully operational, I was able to do “warp-cli register” and “warp-cli connect” from the terminal.

Okay thanks, Ill check it out.