Suggestion - Scheduled DNS Updates


An awesome update would be to allow for the Scheduling of DNS Updates.

Often DNS changes need to be made at a specific date/time in the future.
This feature could live under the DNS Tab, Select “Create Scheduled Update” which launches an interface similar to the current DNS entry interface. You make the changes that are needed, then specify a Date/Time for this new version to go live.

This could be coupled with a DNS History, and the ability to view/rollback to a previous version if desired.


A good suggestion Luke, I had a customer the other day mention their hoster was changing their IP address on %date% and the customer was going to be out of town. This could certainly be used in that scenario.

For the customer I spoke with they wound up scripting the change and adding it to a chron job, but I recognize a UI for that would be easier for the average user. I’l bring it up over beer with the appropriate product manager next time I see them.