Suggestion: Paid escalation - $49/ticket

Liaising with [email protected] for real issues is a nightmare, after the first bot auto reply, the second (if it ever comes) human acknowledgement is often as useless as the bot reply, when face with real world issues this and the sometimes multi-day delay becomes a bit of a problem for production planning. When I read horror stories (that are Cloudflare fault) like Custom domain at Cloudflare Pages is stuck in 522 error I then question if I can sanely recommend CF to my customers (paid plans of course).

However, as I read this forum I understand that most issues are not that of Cloudflare, or can be resolved via the documentation (albeit I don’t think the customer should be blame when documentation is poor and the point is buried - cough regex_replace on transform rules), and it must be frustrating for support agents to respond to another SSL is down, or cloudflare is losing 25% packet loss because look at my traceroute from, which are not real issues.

Hence I’d like to propose a priority ticket for say $49/ticket, and only available to those on paid plans, and paid upfront. These skip the first line support agents. If the issue is a cloudflare issue the ticket fee can be refunded.

We need some confident that we can reach useful support when we have a problem, rather than a useless front line response 10minutes before the end of SLA for support (depending on which paid plan).

Kindly, may I ask what is your Cloudflare ticket number? Could you post it here?
Maybe @cloonan could take a look into this issue.

I liken’t the idea. I’m all for “emergency” support, however, the price you listed is likely going to be far more.
There are some well-known CMS that offer this service, from my experience, they tend to remove this feature as it will generate conflicts.

  1. The issue is too complex, which can be the case for an HTTP attack. I have spent 2-3 hours non-stop monitoring and placing rules in sites from our customers, this is definitely not worth $49, what should happen in those scenarios? Most of the people that paid for an escalation would expect, at least, a solution to the problem they are having.
  2. The issue is too simple, let’s say that, as you mentioned, the issue is simply digging on the docs for 2 minutes but either the person is not enlightened on system administration or wasn’t aware of its existence, we could blame at the person but it’s likely that the customer will make a rant about being redirected to a support page.
  3. Busy Queue, Cloudflare has hundreds of thousands of customers, I’m sure many of them wouldn’t mind paying an extra for better support, this would lose the efficiency of escalation drastically.

If you want better support from Cloudflare, you might want to look into Business or Enterprise packages, I’m sure that the main reason why Business exists is just to ensure that you can get in touch with Cloudflare much faster than the Pro package.


Whilst my interactions with support have been frustrating (latest pointing out a bug that sanders escalated in the end - now with engineering)… Let’s consider, a real production nightmare, the example in Custom domain at Cloudflare Pages is stuck in 522 error this property was down for several days. The customer followed the recommended support procedure and was still failed through no fault of his own - this is what scares the heck out of me - imagine a domain being wrong blacklisted through something as simple as the scenario described and everything goes south whilst your clients roast you.

I would like to see a port-mortem on Custom domain at Cloudflare Pages is stuck in 522 error or some comment from CF about this.

If we didnt depend on page rules and workers, we could deproxy in the event of the deaf ear from cloudflare but as I increasingly utilize other functionality of the platform such as workers then I think I’m locking myself into a potential nightmare if I cant get help in quick manner

I’m sure that the main reason why Business exists is just to ensure that you can get in touch with Cloudflare much faster than the Pro package

I’m looking into this, are you aware of more substance than the 2hr vs 4hr - do you still have to fight the auto-answer bot? do you get more experienced support staff?

Business has live chat support that will attempt to help you, if they can’t, they will likely create a ticket and attempt to skip automated solutions, if somebody can double check this for me, that’d be great.


Honestly? Not really. Things change on Enterprise once you have an assigned account agent.

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