Suggestion: (HIGH NEEDED)

Hi, I’m here to suggest/request something, and I hope my suggestion get accepted.

So mainly I am here because I want to ask, why Cloudflare SRV doesn’t support IP Numeric nowadays? I am currently changing my IP address in my game server to a custom domain one, but the problem is it won’t let me add an SRV Record in the DNS records for my domain.

When I try setting up my domain SRV Record for my custom IP address in my game server(Minecraft), It is telling me this

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): Invalid SRV target. Target must be a hostname (Code: 9060)

I hope Cloudflare enables numeric IP for SRV Record, I think it was working previously, but now everything changed.

People who had a server with a numeric IP won’t be able to change their IP to a domain or domain ip address…

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