Suggestion: allow adding DNS records as plain text

It is currently possible to import DNS records from a text file, or to add records one by one using a helpful DNS record form.

I’d love another option (perhaps in that form) to add records as plain text, instead of having to figure out which info goes into which field.

For example, say my registrar tells me to add an MX record to redirect mail to it (I have a mailbox with them):

@ 10800 IN MX 10

Papercuts: first I need to know that 10800 is the TTL and 10 is the priority, then I need to convert 10800s to minutes and hours (the TTL field in the DNS form is a <select> with a limited set of minutes and hours), and finally I need to fall back to 2h or 5h because 3h (=10800s) is not available in that select.

I would love a way to add a DNS record as plain text, as provided by external docs such as my registrar in this case.

Thanks for considering it!

Thanks for the feedback!!!