Suggest extend TCP/UDP ranger to support high-density parallel data exchange

In some condition we need inter/intra clusters (with a lot of vps/containers )to exchange data in high-density parallel and full/partion mesh ,in this condition (no matter over IPv4 or IPv6 ,address is not the key factor of servic Interactive but limitations of session numbers on one IP). the 65535 or less tcp/udp port are so stretched.
There is a good idea to extend tcp/udp port range to reduce IP address (and routing and addres management…) distinguish to break out servic throughput of virtual cluster. It first propose to reduce ipv4 for nat ,but can also used to IPv6 and boost service session density . And another problem is how application easily revoke the extend(EPORT) TCP/UDP PORT block.

extend tcp udp port draft

If you are looking for more TCP/UDP ports, check out Spectrum:

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