Suffering from the Spam pages using Cloudflare on Google Search Result

Hi, from Japan. We’ve been suffering from the spam pages on Google search results for almost half a year.
A large number of spam pages are indexed when searching by our product name.
It’s very similar to Japanese Keyword hack, but the difference is that our site is not hacked.

  • Our site is not hacked
  • These links redirect to the Google Calendar spam malware pages via Cloudflare.
  • ESET security software detects ‘JS/Adware.Sculinst’ malware.
  • Our product name is used for their page titles.
  • They’re creating Meta descriptions from the content of our site, blogs, SNS, so on.
  • As of July 4, 2021, 18 out of 39 indexes are spam pages.
  • Spam pages are mainly indexed on the second and third pages of the search results. (sometimes appear on the first page)
  • ‘it’ domain is mainly used.
  • About 5 to 10 used domains are added every day by spammer.

We’ve tried to report this several times via Cloudflare’s abuse form by using screenshots but they just retrun to us:

  • We are not able to validate your claim of illegal activity as the URL no longer resolves.
  • We could not detect any directly malicious content or we have already taken action.

And the issue still goes on.

We’d really like to know how to make Cloudflare understand that they are spam domains and take actions for this.
Following are the list of the domains recently added by spammer.
*We are putting spaces before domains for securiy reason.

https://agricolalupianu .it
https://biciclubcinghiale .it
https://casadelsamaritano .it
https://farmaretez .it

  • We are also reporting these domains to Google spam report but we can not solve this.
  • We also send message to domain company but have not been eble to recieve their answer.

Thank you in advance.

It’s not quite clear to me what you are reporting here. The mentioned domains are not yours, I presume. But you are saying they were compromised in the typical fashion where they provide Google with different content than their own. Is that right?

Where do you come in in all of that? You mentioned your product names. Are you saying someone compromised third party sites in order to advertise your products?

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Thank you for your reply.
I couldn’t understand all your replies, but the problem is that spammers are abusing my product name and its discription. As I mentioned, it’s very similar to Japanese Keyword hack.
This is web scraping and SEO cloaking issue.

Additional Info.
The problem is that the users who want to get our product information click them accidentally and be affected by malware.
Actually we are recivieng the complaint from our users for this and some users think that our site is hacked.
We are explaining them that we don’t have nothing to do with these pages, but it’s so annoying.

Another problem is that the number of spam link is unusually high, they disturb the normal healthy pages being indexed.

  • we attached the screenshot of search results

Apart from this, we think that this is a serious problem that Cloudflare is being used by spammers.

I am afraid the community really can’t do anything here. You need to go via the abuse form. If they keep responding that everything is fine, then you keep pointing out the issue and go into details, for example that they should verify it with a Google user agent, respectively check the search pages on Google.

As mentioned the community can’t do anything and that’s up to the responsible team at Cloudflare.

You can also link to this thread to point out that the community sent you back to support.


Hi, thank you for your reply and advice.
Ok, I’ll report this again via abuse form hoping this will be resolved.
Have a good rest of the day.

I wouldn’t necessarily file a new complaint, but probably rather respond to the ones you already opened before.

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OK, thank you again.

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