Sudo cloudflared service install not working

Trying to Run Argo Tuneel as service and stuck here to issue the sudo cloudflared service install command on my Amazon Linuz Host.
Tried using full path but same issue.
Other commands works file cloudflared update.
Any idea what’s missing?

Maybe still same bug as

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As a temporary solution, try

sudo /usr/local/bin/cloudflared service install

Probably because /usr/local/bin is not included in the $PATH for root user.

Its included thats why the update command works.
Anyway I figured it out.
For some reason my Amzon Linux will execute the command after sudo su -

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I think because you are running as ec2-user (no sudo), and /usr/local/bin is included in the $PATH for ec2-user. If you run sudo cloudflared update I guess it will fail.

Anyway, great to see this.

The $PATH was updated globally.