Suddomain DNS Setup

Hi there - I already have a few domains on Cloudflare for DNS purposes.

What I would like to do is set up some subdomains and associated A records.

IE - host1(dot)my(dot)domain(dot)com, host2(dot)mydomain(dot)com

  • domain(dot)com is already hosted on Cloudflare

Is it as simple as creating an A record and simply putting “host1(dot)my” in the A record field? Or do I somehow have to create a subdomain? For subdomains (where the primary domain is on Cloudflare) I would simply create NS records for my(dot)domain(dot)com and then edit on those DNS servers. But in this case, both the base domain and the proposed new subdomain are both withing Cloudflare.

Thank you.

PS - I used (dot) as I am only allowed to post a single link as a new forum user.

Note - To the admins, my original post appears to be sitting for review (6 days) - so I reposted. Hope that is ok.

There’s some inconsistency in your hostnames, but here are some thoughts:

  1. I add subdomains to Cloudflare by just typing in ‘sub’ for the Name, and Cloudflare will interpret that as
  2. Cloudflare can’t proxy because SSL doesn’t cover sub-subdomains unless you get the $10/month custom hostnames certificate.
  3. You could delegate subdomain DNS away by creating NS records for ‘sub’ and pointing them to that that host’s name servers.

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