Suddenly website shows This site can’t be reached

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.



this error i got today, when i enable vpn site loading fine. and i do cross check website not working some location. can someone please help me/ it totally reduce my current traffic

i think no: 3 is the my problem, where i want to whitelist the cloudflare ip address, my server is aws ec2 using whm and cpanel services. can u please some suggest

This will be done with ACLs for your EC2/VPC instance.

If you don’t have access to AWS settings you might want to check out the CPanel docs. I don’t use it so i don’t know If there’s any firewall to configure.

How ever, a Cloudflare timeout would be branded and usually looks like:

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That seems very unlikely. This error is between Cloudflare and the origin, not Cloudflare and the end user. Disabling TLS 1.3 in the SSL section will only impact the connection from users to Cloudflare and there’s nothing in the problem description which would seem to warrant such a change.