Suddenly unable to reach some sites with Warp on

I’ve been using Warp for some time and just my blog reader suddenly started having issues retrieving feeds for a few sites. I’ve double checked using Safari and Chrome and, sure enough, my machine can get to the site with Warp turned off but is blocked when it’s turned on. This started happening within the past few days. I am using Warp version: 2022.2.25.1 (20220209.24)

On my machine this is easily reproducible with the example I cannot reach with Warp turned on but I can with Warp turned off. I can reach the main domain with Warp on and off. There are a few others domains that are having issues.

Is this a known problem? Is there anything I can do to get around that?


I did a little more digging and figured out that there is a pattern in that the sites I’m having issues with all seem to be hosted on Squarespace. Is Squarespace blocking Warp somehow?

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It looks like this resolved itself as I’m no longer seeing issues across the sites I could not get to yesterday.

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