Suddenly unable to log in to Dashboard - Error 1022 - but domains still resolving

What is the name of the domain? and several others

What is the error number?


What is the error message?

Email address/password do not match. (Code:1022)

What is the issue you’re encountering

Can’t access dashboard. Password reset doesn’t work. No domains on the account are recognised by forgotten email process

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  1. Attempted to log in with correct stored credentials.
  2. Clicked “Forgot your password”, entered email address, no email received.
  3. Clicked “Forgot your email”, entered a domain in the account (there are several and Cloudflare is the registrar), received message: “The domain provided isn’t registered on the Internet. This tool only works with active Cloudflare domains.”

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

As above.

All services still seem to be working but I just can’t access the account. The behaviour when trying to access the dashboard is as if the account and the domains registered in it don’t exist.

This post is from a different account used just so that I can sign in to the community.

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Can you open an account ticket with Support using the account you are using here? On the ticket, copy the email of the other account and include a link to this topic, Suddenly unable to log in to Dashboard - Error 1022 - but domains still resolving.

You can open an Account ticket here,

Once you have a ticket number, can you please share that here for us to track?

Thanks. I was able to open a ticket #3330524 and the response was that the symptoms sound like the incident: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Login Issues

This is apparently still being actively worked on, but no timescale has been given and I’m awaiting confirmation that my account is definitely included amongst those to be restored. Regaining access to the registered domains is obviously the main concern.


Hi, for this issue, we are waiting for the respective team and will assist through the ticket.