Suddenly unable to FTP to our website under CloudFlare

We have just placed our website under Cloudflare control (name servers) and are suddenly unable to FTP connect to our website (FTP over SSL/TLS).
Are there any special settings we need to set in Cloudflare in order to be able to use FTP to connect to our site?
NOTE: Before moving our name servers to Cloudflare, attempting to FTP to our site the first time under SSL/TLS resulted in a prompt to have to respond to a non-standard SSL certificate installed on the web host. Once we accepted, it allowed the connection. Could this be blocking our FTP attempt?

You can’t FTP through the Cloudflare proxy. The easiest way around it is to define a new DNS host,, pointing to the server’s IP address, and make sure the proxy on that entry is off. Then connect to that with your FTP client.


Thank you again i40west, you’re a lifesaver :slight_smile:


I of course experienced the same problem. Followed the advice and created a new “ftp. mydomain. com”, saved it, no problem. Spaces because domains are not allowed.

Still cannot connect. My settings on WinSCP are user, pw, domain, port, and encryption. Standard for the last two are “21” and “none,” should those change? I tried the other options “implicit” and “explicit”, used the default ports (21, 990) still could not connect.

Thank you to anyone who can suggest something better.

Rob Dentremont

You’ve made-sure the DNS entry is grey-clouded, right? If it’s orange-clouded it obviously won’t work.

Thank you so much.

Am I forgetting about propagation delay, like the change could take up to 48 hours?

I am experiencing that now, changed dns settings on godaddy from Cloudflare back to the “real” ones, and 2 hr later “404.” Plan was to do ftp work then switch back to Cloudflare. Just a hobby website.

So my propagation delay problem was that my browser was trying to load the secure page, not the newly pointed to insecure page. I’ve done a few trials and the propagation time is just a few minutes.

So until I figure out what I am doing wrong on Cloudflare, I will just change dns settings as needed.

Well, ok to anyone out there just before making use of my “duct taped” solution this morning I decided to try and log into ftp . leavetheleaves . com and what do you know - I connected successfully.

I can only guess that my problem was not allowing enough time for ftp. to propagate.

I read in another comment that this problem has been discussed dozens of times…I am so grateful to Cloudflare for the free use of their service on my hobby site…but maybe Cloudflare could add a paragraph about ftp . yoursite . com since it’s going to come up for every new user. While this community was critical to my success and I am ever grateful, I think a short paragraph in the initial help file is fitting.

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