Suddenly one of our domains is missing records in dns lookups


This is pretty serious. One of our domains suddenly has since this morning problems delivering mail because certain txt records are missing in dns lookups (like spf records). The domain has been active for months and nothing has been changed by us, and all dns records seem present in cloudflare config.

However when i do a lookup most txt records are missing. I tried from different locations so it’s not a cache problem. What is going on here ??

Without knowing the domain name, there’s nothing we can check.

You say the DNS page looks like nothing’s missing, so nothing should show up in the Audit Log from the main dashboard page.

Correct, nothing shows up in the analytics page (i assume you meant that with audit page). Everything looks fine like it has been for months, but now f.i. all gmail email is bounced because of dmarc and spf issues.

Audit Log would show if any settings have been changed.

Ah, ok, no nothing changed there. (the problem started showing up this morning, it’s 11pm now here)

I do see a lot of “toggle WAF set” with data like

“Pack”: “OWASP”,
“Set”: “OWASP HTTP Policy”,
“Value”: true,
“Zone name”: “

But that’s also from tonight

So, just to confirm, on that DNS page, it says the two Cloudflare name servers for your domain are Jade and Zod?

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records page here? It’s ok to black out any IP addresses.

Yes, Jade and Zod

Not much is working at all. The Dmarc record I got was a Reject.

I can only suggest that you edit and save each one, even with no changes. That might refresh DNS. If that doesn’t work, open a ticket:

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

Already did that, but thank you. Got a bot message, replied and nothing since hours.
We’re now moving to Easydns with it. Cloudflare should get their support in order, this is not acceptable. Especially when you’re paying for a 200,= “business package” for a chatservice that turns out to be just another bot.

Thanks for your help, really appreciated.

Chat is really quick though. It asks you the basic info and then connects you immediately with an agent. Never waited more than 2 minutes. Also, note that right now it’s a national holiday in the USA and it’s the SF time slot.

Ok, didnt check it myself. I’ll ask them to try again

Please do, support tickets aren’t the fastest right now (I do have the enterprise level of service and it’s not always within the 1 hour of the median time, but still it’s the median). If it’s urgent or quick I always use the chat.

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