Suddenly no A Record


arround more or less 30mins ago i am no longer able to access my mail server trough my Domain.
If i do a nslookup my pc dosnt know where it leads to because according to nslookup there is nothing pointing to the IP.
Same goes for external nslookup. According to them there is no A record that points to my IP Adress. is the website

Is it a known problem?

If i go inside the Cloudflare Dashboard everything is the same as last time when it was working

What is your domain?


As you can see on Whois, your domain is under a serverHold.

You’ll have to contact your registrar to find out why that is.


Thanks for the help, i at least tought they would write me the reason i hate them for that now…

So i talked to godaddy support they said cloudflare is at fault because everything is green on their end :confused:
i cant see any informationen in the cloudflare dashboard why it should be blocked there…

GoDaddy support has never been particularly good. Send them a screenshot of your domain. They are your registrar. They have placed a serverHold on your domain. They need to resolve it with you.

You can read the definition of serverHold here. Only your registrar can modify that status. And they are your registrar.


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