Suddenly my website shows DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

I didn’t change any DNS settings, but I couldn’t access my website; my browser displayed the error ‘DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN’. However, I was able to access it on my mobile phone’s internet.

I also checked and noticed that my website has not propagated in many countries. What could be causing this issue? Two days ago, everything was fine!

There seems to be a DNSSEC issue.

So, how can I fix it? Should I enable DNSSEC in my dash in Cloudflare? Actually, I didn’t do anything. When the above problem happened, I went to Cloudflare’ dash and saw it as suggested “enable DNSSEC” Do I need to enable it? Does it solve the issue?

What solves the issue can be a mix of two different options, as mentioned over here:

Simply substitute the Porkbun with Namecheap for your case, and you got the two possible solutions.

My favourite would be the first mentioned, e.g.:

  1. Enable DNSSEC on Cloudflare

  2. Coordinate the update/replacement towards the new DS record, that Cloudflare presents you with, with Namecheap, as explained in the Namecheap link provided by @sjr above.
    Att. update/replacement: Make sure the old key, with “Key Tag” of 13119 is removed.

As also mentioned in the linked thread:

After making any of the changes to through Namecheap, please be advised that it may take between 48-96 hours to fully propagate worldwide, which neither Cloudflare, Namecheap, nor anyone else can expedite.

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