Suddenly my IP address gets heavily blocked for many webpages and hosts

Hi there,

probably it’s not the correct place to post this, so please move it to appropriate place.

I’m not a Cloudflare customer, just a regular internet user.
Suddenly my IP address started getting blocked.

I cannot access many sites and services - going there with a web browser works - I get a captcha notification and from time to time it wants me to click a checkbox.
This is not convenient but I could deal with it, the true problem is that many apps and services are broken.

I cannot even update my OS without referring to backup mirrors

List of things that are broken for me:

  • DeepL desktop app
  • Discord Client update on Windows
  • Tutanota mail app
  • System update with and (error from package manager: 'error: failed retrieving file 'extra.db' from : The requested URL returned error: 403)

and some smaller things also.

I checked and and my IP is not blocked by them. reports my IP is in PBL, but that’s correct - I’m not hosting an email server and don’t want to do so.

How to fix this messy situation?

I tried switching browsers (Firefox/Chrome/Edge with or without extensions) - and as I’ve mentioned before, this works for browser but desktop apps are completely broken.

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