Suddenly locked out - 2FA not sending auth token to my email!

It’s incredible how quickly one can lose complete faith in a system…

Trying to log in to cloudflare to refresh the cache as we are doing a little development right now. After entering my login details, I received the usual:

'You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address. Please enter the Authentication Token that was sent to the email associated with this account."

Except this time, nothing has been sent to my email. And before someone chimes in about ‘Spam folder…’

So I’ve been locked out. Forcing me to create another account, verify the email and come on to here. The part where I have lost complete faith was the moment I realised that there is not way to contact Cloudflare or access the board to ask for help (resulting in creating a whole new account just to come on here and ask whats happening).

I have checked the status page, and it says all systems are operational. So how come the 2FA system is broken then? Is there not a program running on Cloudflares servers which is testing everything all the time to make sure things are operational? I don’t have a status system like that on our site, but that’s the way I’d build it if I were to so that it gave accurate data about the system being broken.

But anyway, I digress… How am I meant to be able to login if the 2FA system isn’t sending me a token to type on to the page? Simple as that.

Thank you.

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Hi @nick210,

If you have tried a couple of times and still can’t get in, email [email protected] from the email address on the original account, the one that is locked out. If you receive an autoresponse that doesn’t solve the issue, please reply back and indicate that you need more help.

Thanks - I have sent an email there now. What an utter faff it’s going to be now having to move our webserver back to Gandi until this is sorted… can’t believe it.

Thanks though.

Here we go, they are working on the issue:

This is now marked as resolved, so you should be able to receive the emails now.