Few days ago, I tried to access my websites, nothing worked, no subdomain worked that worked the day before, and I tried everything to fix it.

Hello there,

Is it working now?

No? Why would I ask help for something that I don’t need help with?

May I suggest you to look into this #tutorial.

Please follow the quick fix steps for remedy. You can also look for more by :search: for the same where you’ll find the expert resolutions on different scenario.

I have created dns for root and done everything that has.
Look at this image:

and still I can’t connect to any of those in my browser.

Sorry to say. your website is temporarily inactive.
Please contact [email protected]
It is under investigation.
It is held as hold.
You can get more info here:


oh, wow. I don’t know what I did. Why me :frowning:

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