Suddenly cloudflare servername changed

I have a domain that I used normally for more than a month integrated with Cloudflare.
To my surprise today it dawned with the information that the servername has changed.

My site was offline for several hours because of this, it simply changed the server name.

For example, it used to be:

and changed today to:

Has anyone gone through this, and know what needs to be done so it doesn’t happen again?

I have seen a few similar posts about this recently, can you share the domain name/names so that we can investigate?

Each time we see posts mentioning something like this there is a root cause that can be identified, random changes do not happen. Typically it’s the domain expired and nameservers reverted or the domain was moved to cf registrar and the former registrar changed ns on your way out the door. But, share the name and we can assist.


Hi, yes I do.
The domain that changed the servername from yesterday (25/05) to today (26/05) was the domain:

This domain was purchased on April 12, 2022.
It has been running normally for several days, and we haven’t made any changes.

If you look at my account (redacted) all other domains have the same servername, except this, which changed unexpectedly from yesterday to today.

Thank you for your help.

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In looking at the zones in your account, I can see some have one set of nameservers some have a different set of nameservers, but no all the other domains do not have the same set. This is normal expected behaviour. Most of the time it seems you always get the same pair for each zone you add, but sometimes you do not. This is one of the reason we say you should not set nameservers until after the zone is added in Cloudflare.

I see a create date of 4/13 in whois, and from your audit log that it was added to your account on 4/17, nameservers were confirmed the same day. On 5/25 the zone shows as moved and was shown as pending on 5/26 as seen in the audit log. Whois shows a change on 5/26 as well, presumably to the nameservers currently in use.

I see the original parking namservers using our tools and the current set in use with whatsmydns, security trails does not show any history. I am guessing the domain was added, nameserver set to the incorrect pair, showed as moved as a result of not being set to the two assigned, then nameservers were changed to the assigned pair on 5/25, confirmed on 5/26.

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