Suddenly Cloudflare is not caching anymore


We have been happily using CF for a while, but today we realized that for some reason Cloudflare is not caching the assets anymore.

I don’t think is a matter of our server headers, since are public and there is a max-age set.
Our DNS entry is set as proxied too.
Our headers look like this:

I tried purging the cache with no luck as well.
Before we had cache everything rule enabled, and we still have some rules enabled, but we don’t think are related to this.

Any idea of what it could be?
We will appreciate some help on this.

The browser response screenshot you showed doesn’t appear to be going through Cloudflare - there’s no CF headers, and the server header shows Apache.

Can you confirm these DNS records are orange-clouded and passing through Cloudflare?

Exactly, but the root domain is indeed proxied, so I don’t really understand how come is not going through CF.

Could you please share the domain?

Sorry guys, just figure it out.
I had an entry in my /etc/hosts file pointing to the server directly for testing purposes and I forgot it was there, in case somebody else faces the same issue. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks so much!

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