Suddenly CDN it's not caching anymore

Since the last hour I’m getting a lot of static images requests into my server!
Normally almost all these images were served by the CDN, but now my server is overloaded with image requests.
I didn’t change anything and my user base is the same

now the traffic metric shows a strong decrease, but its not real… it’s just requests being sent directly to my server and not the CDN

Can you post the URL of an image that’s not being cached?


That ws subdomain isn’t proxied by Cloudflare (the root domain is). It’s probably set to :grey: in DNS. Only :orange: hostnames are subject to caching.

I’m sorry, it was the wrong URL. This is the actual URL:

First try was a MISS, then every try after that was a HIT.

My theories range from:

  1. You did a Purge Everything
  2. Cloudflare did a major cache purge somewhere (or everywhere)
    2b) Or by large coincidence, a ton of your static resources timed out at the same time at the Edge
  3. Someone’s bypassing Cloudflare and directly hitting/scraping your server, so it’s not showing up in Cloudflare analytics.

I didn’t make a purge and the third doesn’t seem probable.
However it seems to be magically working again. I’ll check again tonight, when my usercount increases
Thank you for taking the time to check my issue

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