Suddenly cannot download/fetch from specific R2 bucket despite no config changes


I’ve been using R2 for more than a year without any problems whatsoever.
My primary use-case is hosting a few (pretty low-traffic, 720p) videos.
(I am aware Stream may be a better solution, but too heavyweight for me.)

(Please see bold text below, as the particulars of my script are likely not relevant.)

I didn’t have any problems whatsoever with this approach, until around January 20.
Suddenly, my trivial worker started failing to fetch from my R2 bucket named big.
(The timing seems to correspond weirdly with this issue, which is marked as resolved.)

Here is an example stacktrace. This occurs for instance when trying to access this video.

(The stacktrace mentions an error code 10060 which points to this, which doesn’t seem to make sense…)

But more fundamentally, for whatever reason I cannot even download files directly from my big bucket using Cloudflare’s R2 dashboard. If I open Chrome DevTools, I can see I’m getting 405 Method Not Allowed errors in the Network tab. Downloading from other buckets works.

I know nothing has changed with my config recently.
It seems Cloudflare has accidentally rolled out a backwards-incompatible change or something.

Anyway, could anyone at Cloudflare please verify what is wrong with my bucket?
I just don’t know what to do, and this is very frustrating. Thanks!

Account ID: 4337027168198b052256d6acbf1adf57
Bucket name: big

(I reported this in the R2 channel on Discord yesterday, but we couldn’t isolate the problem.)

(edit, 5 february 2024: Thank you for repairing the issue with my bucket, my videos work again! :tada:)

Are you on a plan where you are able to make a support ticket? If not, then I can raise on for you.

I am on the free plan, this is why I first went to Discord and now here instead of just opening a ticket.

I’m not sure if it makes sense for you to open a ticket for a problem with another account, but if it does, that would be great!

Oh, I’m not making a ticket but can get an employee to make one for you.

Whatever helps for a faster resolution is welcome!

This has been escalated



My issue seems obviously related to this one.

Hi @Hexstream I have created Support ticket #3115945 under your account and will be investigating the issue. I will get back to you on that ticket over email.

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Hi, to follow up here as well, the R2 engineering team confirmed they have repaired the issue with the object and the problem should be resolved.