Suddenly all my sites load with 30+ seconds

I have used Cloudflare in conjunction with IONOS for over 8 years, and have always had load times of 1-2 seconds on average.
However, since Friday I have been experiencing load times of over 30 seconds on all my websites. I haven’t made any changes, so I don’t know what could be causing it. I contacted my provider, and they said the server load was fine, and the problem seemed to be on Cloudflare’s connections.
I removed 3 of my domains from Cloudflare and the load time for those sites dropped to 2 seconds again.
All sites are Wordpress. Would anyone by any chance know what could cause it?


Using Cloudflare:

Recently removed from Cloudflare:

Same server, but never using Cloudflare:

Using WebPageTest for with a Chrome desktop on a cable connection from Vriginia, there were 522 errors during some of the runs.

Looking at the headers using WebSniffer for shows CF-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC. It wasn’t cached and was requested from the origin server.

While there may be some other issues, have a look at Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out - Tutorial - Cloudflare Community regarding the 522 errors.

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