Sudden website display wrong

I have just noticed that my website is displaying incorrectly. By this i mean images not showing, or only displaying half pages or bad gateway error.

my first point was to check with hosts for any server issues which there are none and also no database issues.

Now after hours of checking everything, i have discovered as soon as i put site in development mode in Clouflare my site loads perfectly.
I purged the Cloudflare cache and disabled development mode and still will not display website correct.
Has anyone had this issue or idea for solution as currently having to leave site in development mode for access.

If you open the site in your browsers Dev Tools, it should tell you where the issue is. What’s the domain?

not sure what that means am not a web developer.
and site is currently in dev mode so is not cached in Cloudflare until can find issue.

Open your site with your browser, then press F12.
You’ll then see something like this

Make sure you check Disable cache, then after making changes, click :no_entry_sign: to clear and then refresh the page for new results.

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