Sudden surge of website visits from Iran

We are a small film and TV studio in the UK and I have noticed that we 25% of traffic in the last month has been from Iran, mainly to our booking page.

I’ve got nothing against Iran per se, but I don’t there are many Iranians in need of London film and TV studios during a coronavirus lockdown. Most of the visits when directly to the booking page.

Cloudflare traffic in the past month was 155,341 for the UK and 55,1000 for Iran.

I see it is possible to block countries in Cloudflare, but only with the Enterprise package, which we certainly can’t afford (the business is closed at the moment!).

In Cloudflare experts experience, is this something we should be worried about?

Not really. Blocking countries with IP Access Rules is limited to Enterprise.

Just ad a Firewall Rule like

( eq "IR")
Action -> block

Many thanks. Much appreciated.

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