Sudden "SSL Handshake failed" 525 error

The issue appeared 1 day ago, the website is live for about 2 years, and i was using Cloudflare since 2 years on this website, yesterday, i was surprised that the website is not working because of the SSL Handshake failed error. i added the Origin CA certificate provided by Cloudflare and the website did not work. i tried all the possible solutions on the internet and the website is still not working.

All the possible solutions on the internet and it doesn’t work? Going to be tough to come up with something else, but I’ll give it a shot. What was the output to the first curl command here when you tested?

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I really did not do the curl command, but i renewed the self-signed certificate on the server, i tried the Origin CA certificate from Cloudflare and added it on the server and made the redirection Full(Strict), i literally tried everything, and the website is still giving SSL Handshake error.

That’s the first troubleshooting step for a site owner. Run the command, does it return the certificate you were expecting? Since this is likely an issue with the origin. When you paused Cloudflare what were the results?

When trying to do the curl command it returns: curl: option --connect-to: is unknown before displaying the certificate info.
When i pause cloudflare the website opens as unsafe.

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