Sudden SSL error after 8 successful months working just fine

Hello there!

Thanks in advance for your time & response.

I’m suddenly experiencing issues in any of the subpages of - click on any of the links in the navigation (ex: ) and receive the error: NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

My universal SSL is set to flexible and is showing no errors on the Cloudflare side. I use ‘Wordpress HTTPS’ to rewrite everything to HTTPS, and I have added ’ Automatic HTTPS Rewrites’ and ‘Always use HTTPS’ but it hasn’t helped.

Any thoughts on way 8 months of successful SSL just went haywire?



Looks like something is wrong with DNS. is NOT running under Cloudflare or the orange cloud is not enabled. is running under Cloudflare. Please check your Cloudflare DNS settings of your website .


As leang already wrote there is something off with your nameservers. They do not point to Cloudflare in the first place. Have you signed up directly or via a partner?

So is not running through Cloudflare but is? That’s very interesting, I’m not sure how to fix that.

I signed up through GreenGeeks I believe, though this was my first time using Cloudflare SSL in Wordpress.

I have made the temporary, hacked fix of changing the links in my menu to www.

But why would this have worked for 8 months and suddenly now stopped working for non-www?

I would of course still like to complete the fix for all variations of the domain.

It seems you have enabled Cloudflare ‘using cPanel’ which has limitation to work only for www version.

I would recommend, please setup Cloudflare manually to get better experience.

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