Sudden Random VERY LONG loading time (TTFB) on all sites using Cloudflare

I am extremely puzzled, and I cannot figure out where this new problem comes from.

All of my sites (wordpress sites) using cloudflare suddenly have random extremely long initial loading times (TTFB). The websites will act very quick, and suddenly they ALL stop responding for what seems an eternity (sometimes up to 35 seconds), and suddenly they pick up again. When one stops responding, all of them stop responding.

The strange thing is, I have another domain on my server with also a wordpress website, and its DNS is hosted directly on Godaddy, so it’s not using Cloudflare, and when the other sites using cloudflare all stop responding simultanously, the one using Godaddy DNS loads fine.

I am at my wit’s end on this one. We’ve been two at it trying to figure this one out.

I’m curretnly in the process of moving the DNS of one of the four sites back to Godaddy to see if it will suddenly stop having the random load errors, to confirm or infirm that cloudflare (or something between my server and cloudflare) is at cause.

Any help in any form would be appreciated on this one.

one of the domains having the random issues:

There was too, but that’s the one I am moving back to Godaddy as a test.


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TTFB was 26 seconds, but Bianca is not proxied by Cloudflare.

My first thought, since you mentioned that this is random:
You have multiple entries for www. One proxied (:orange:) and one not (:grey:)

[email protected]:~$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

NSFW by the way