Sudden ping spikes

I am experiencing a bunch of ping spikes when connecting to somewhere. Any possible fix?

PS: I am pinging the cloudflare server with the ping command. The closest cloudflare server is HKG.

Are you located in germany?

No. I am routing to the HKG server. I live in Hong Kong

Some days ago there way an official issue in your area (but not HKG), but seems to be solved:

Is pinging Google stable? If the same happens to Google and other independend services it may is related to your connection. If other Services are completely stable while CF is instable this may is related to CF

Pinging google now

Seems unstable for some reason

Then this may be related to your ISP or connection. But if both Google and CloudFlare are having the same issue its very unlikely that this is related to CloudFlare

Thanks for replying

You are welcome!

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