Sudden High ping in pakistan

so just some time ago I was using or Cloudflare as my DNS
and its ping was phenomenal usually at around 25-35ms

then just 3-4 days ago maybe, my ping all of a sudden to servers increased to
140-150 ping sometimes more the same did not happen with google
Google DNS server aka was always stable at 35-40ms

I was confused but thought it could be server maintenance I checked on the Cloudflare official website to see which servers were operational and found out
to date as I am writing this comment the LHR (Lahore) and ISB (Islamabad) servers are operational in Pakistan only KHI (Karachi) server has been re-routed

so I was confused mostly because I am closer to LHR and ISB servers than I am to KHI which is re-routed so why is my ping so high all of a sudden and the official Cloudflare speed test tells me I am connected to Oman servers

btw this type of stuff never happened before this is very recent any ideas or help will be appreciated

Can you post a tracert to

here are my Traceroutes to

The Karachi PoP is the biggest one Cloudflare has in Pakistan by far, so if it’s re-routed then its likely that the other two PoPs aren’t able to handle the re-routed load, so that’s why it’s probably being offloaded to MCT.

This should resolve its self when the Karachi PoP comes back

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ill keep an eye out on that
thanks for the help appreciate it

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