Sudden error on site connected to Cloudflare

I have serious issue. My site is down https:// downforeveryoneorjustme .com/daily4mative .com
But when I pause cloudflare it comes online.
Please can someone direct me on what to do or what am doing wrong

Upon a quick inspection, it loads, but also shows a 500 Internal Service error in my browser’s Dev Tools. :thinking:

What are you seeing?

When I visit on my browser it loads fine but if I use every tool on the internet to check it it says my site is down.
But if I pause cloudflare everything will be fine.
Also I cannot install any WordPress plugins and Cant even load images on file directory.
Any idea on how to solve this?
Loosing traffic already

I run Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare and on the part of HTTPS status it says “No, your request failed with a response status of 400 or above.”



Please can you check for me? Thanks

Well, could you explain what I’m supposed to be looking for? What error code? It also sounds like it’s an external issue (outside of Cloudflare) since the site works when Cloudflare is active right?

Precisely what @sdayman said.

I see no error code from my end but jetpack sent a message saying my site is offline. When I check on sites like https:// downforeveryoneorjustme. com/ it says site down for everyone.
Currently I cannot upload images and other files.
This stops when I pause Cloudflare. but if Ii turn it on I will start having same issue.
Please any possible solution to this?

Error 500: internal server error

Error 500 generally indicates an issue with your origin web server. Error establishing database is a common HTTP 500 error message generated by your origin web server. Contact your hosting provider to resolve.


Provide details to your hosting provider to assist troubleshooting the issue.

Screenshot? Or if you you want, you can tell me how I can generate the error

Connected to

I have not been able to make any post because of this

Hello. please I have finally resolved this by changing to unlimited
See attached screenshot

Am so happy now. Thanks all

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Great! Glad to hear that!

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