Sudden ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome and Edge


I run this website:

Since earlier today, the website fails to load, with two requests to static resources failing (the app.js and app.css files, since this is a web app). I know my end server works fine since the first request succeeds and since I tested it separately.

When I open the app.js ( URL in a new tab, Chrome fails with an ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR and Edge with an INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE. It works correctly on Firefox however.

Ideas as to why this might be happening?

ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR and Brotli Content-Encoding

No problems here.

Try the following:

  • incognito mode. If it works: clear your browser cache.

  • flush the DNS cache with ipconfig /flushdns on Windows

  • Flush SPDY sockets



The loading screen works just fine, as I mentioned earlier. But does the drive actually show up? Open DevTools to see the failed requests.

I’ve checked on other machines on completely different networks and the issue still exists.

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