Sudden 520 and 525 errors

sudden intermittent 520 unknown error and 525 ssl handshake errors happening for the past 24 hours. site is loading slow when you browse random pages. I tried pausing cf, site works good without any issues. So it should be cf, because site works good without it.

domain: [](

any help is greatly appreciated!

Attached screenshot.

Ray id: 76d932149d3d8853

The common thread between 520 and 525 errors is your origin prematurely resetting the TCP connection. If it happens over HTTPS and during the TLS handshake, it will be a 525 - otherwise, it will be a 520.

Cloudflare can’t know why your origin reset the TCP connection, only that it did. The best thing to do in this case would be to check your origin server error logs for the timeframes matching these errors - you may well see some logs in there showing that something is not working correctly on your origin server.

Make sure you also follow the community tips for each:


Earlier i posted the issue was fixed but it is not yet. I will update once it is fixed.

Issue is fixed by reinstalling origin server ssl and change the ssl mode to full strict.

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