Successfully deployed page can't be found?

I have successfully deployed a simple html page to Pages but when I visit the link there is no page associated with the provided production URL. I am not experiencing this issue with another deployed page, so I don’t know what the issue might be. Any advice would be appreciated.

Can you share some more information about your project, configuration, repo if possible, URL etc?

This was a direct upload of a zip folder consisting of a single html page and a folder for assets. No configuration, no dependencies, etc. It works fine on my local machine.

Inside the ZIP, is there a separate folder containing the website code?

The index.html should be at the root of the ZIP, without clicking any folder within.
If not, then the site would be deployed to the folder path at the root of the ZIP.

For example:
  -> mysite
        -> index.html

would result in throwing 404 and the site being deployed at instead

Whereas you would want
   -> index.html

It is at the root. Not inside a folder.

BTW, I am not getting an error code.

And the ZIP has an index.html within? Could you send a screenshot of contents within the ZIP file?


The error code is 404, as returned by your browser (HTTP ERROR 404) - there is no content returned alongside the error which is why it shows its own page instead.


This isn’t showing me the context of the ZIP, like whether its inside a folder within the ZIP, the screenshot is cropped in too far.

You can also try checking on the deployment itself, you should see something like this, which you can send a screenshot of here:

Seeing this will help me understand the context of what was uploaded to the Pages project, and determine why the index is erroring.


Local machine.

Like suggested by Erisa, you’ve uploaded a folder and therefore the folder structure on your site will reflect that.


Thank you!