Successfully deployed page can’t be found?

Successfully deployed page can’t be found? someone pls help

Looks ok to me: 「SQL」
If you didn’t expect it to be under that folder, if you’re using wrangler make sure you specify the folder to upload ex: wrangler pages deploy ..dir/sql main/, or if you’re uploading from the dashboard, I believe it should be smart enough to pick the first folder with files in it as the root.

Hey no im using wrangler but still doesnt work idk

What command are you running to deploy the files?

not using one im new to all of this

If you are using wrangler you are running something to deploy…

yea im not using wrangler

Oh, I understood that from this message.

So you are uploading to the dashboard? You need to upload the parent folder to the files, not anything above it. I guess you need to upload the sql main folder directly, not it’s parent.

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ok im going to do a video and show you guys also

hey i got it thanks for the help

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