Successfully deployed my website, but it gives me a 404

|2023-02-13T16:31:17.113661Z|✨ Success! Uploaded 3 files (1.74 sec)|
|2023-02-13T16:31:17.430004Z|✨ Upload complete!|
|2023-02-13T16:31:18.756776Z|Success: Assets published!|
|2023-02-13T16:31:19.492609Z|Success: Your site was deployed!|

No webpage was found for the web address: website


This is just especially weird for me, and I can’t find anything in the FAQ to check me on this. Is using a private github directory my issue? because I have the same issue doing a direct upload.

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What’s the domain?

I’m just trying to view it on pages dot dev.

I can’t post links.

use ` or you might not have the thing.

I am brand new at Cloudflare so I don’t know what the thing is.

If you go to your Pages Project, under deployments, you can see your

The “” in this case.

But to debug your actual issue, is your root directory set directly? If everything is in the root (top level) of your Github repo, then that isn’t the issue. Secondly, do you have an “index.html”? Or are you visiting a page that you know will exist? For example, if you have home.html, you’ll need to go to index.html is what pages will serve on your apex with no page (i.e at

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Hey thank you, that was it, I just hadn’t named my HTML file index.

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