"Successfully Added Cloudflare to My Namecheap Domain, but Website Still Appears Unsecured - Need Help!"

Hey everyone,

I recently added Cloudflare to my domain registered with Namecheap and I’m hosting my website with Profreehost. I thought this would secure my website, but I’m still seeing the “unsecured” message when I try to access it.

Cloudflare has a notice message saying my site is protected, but it doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

I’m using the free versions of both Cloudflare and Profreehost. Can anyone offer some guidance on what might be causing this issue and how I can ensure my website is secure?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Can you share your domain with us?

Generally, the only way to secure you website is by installing a certificate on your server. Cloudflare provides a certificate for use with the Cloudflare proxy, but you still need to install it on your webserver.

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Once you have the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate that @Laudian linked, you can install it on your host by following their guide.


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