Subtitles in Cloudflare Stream Video

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to integrate multiple subtitles on the video which is hosted on Stream and option to select video subtitle as English, French, German Etc. But i can’t find any working example on the forum

Appreciate your help looking for a positive response from the community.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, you can upload captions 2 ways:

Option 1. Uploading Captions using the Dashboard
Simply click on an uploaded video and goto the Captions tab:

Option 2. Uploading Captions using the API
You can find the docs here for uploading captions:

Once uploaded, the captions should appear in the player within a few minutes. If you are using a 3rd party player, as long as the player supports captions, they should be rendered (Stream includes the caption in the video manifest file.)


I think the question is if there’s a way to allow for multiple caption files so the viewer can pick a language.

Yes, you can upload multiple caption files for different languages. The player will let the user switch between languages with caption files.

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Subtitle and captions are both same thing ?

I want exactly same subtitle option like netflix and amazon prime for viewer of the video.

Do you have the subtitle files to upload?

Its resolved Thanks! please mark my both topics from different id’s as Solved I mistakenly posted.

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